Truth About Nutrition

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Get Dr. Wallach’s NEW Book, DVD, and CD

Dr. Wallach shows the SECRETS of health and wellness.

See the Truth

Dr. Wallach has helped thousands of people dramatically improve the quality of their lives. He has worked to build a system of health products that provide the basis of wellness, and at the same time is customisable to each and every illness, disease, or issue. Dr. Wallach understands the cause of disease, and unlike conventional doctors, knows how to fix the cause. He is not in the business of treating symptoms.

Why the DVD?

The Truth About Nutrition DVD is a professionally compiled video that explains Doc’s message, backs his claims with compelling testimonials, and shows you the path YOU can take to living younger, longer. Whether you need a solid foundation or someone you love needs to see the truth, the Truth About Nutrition DVD is a resource like no other.



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Truth About Nutrition

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